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Lake Victoria and Serengeti

Africa is one of the continents that most captures and enchants for its unspoiled beauty, the culture of its diverse peoples and for the colors of the sky.
Many of those who undertake a journey to Africa are looking for a different world, where time, nature and sociability can give a new meaning to their lives.
Along with the typical voyages that promise to unveil the many wonders of this country, there are also those of solidarity. And these are the journeys that help us to grow, to know and understand what we see and photograph and finally to better ourselves.
What some of the volunteers of the Filippo Astori Association who undertook this journey wrote about their experience is a clear proof of it.

Knowing somehow means putting yourself in the shoes of the other and covering part of his path, leaving something of you and taking something of the other. I will bring in my heart the facesof the people I met, our speeches, the games and the days spent together.
I recommend anyone who has the chance the desire, the flexibility to have an experience of this kind of traveling because they will surely come back with a richer baggage. (Federica)

I found a country of unbelievable beauty, even outside the national parks. I found friendly people in the place, extremely kind and endowed with a inbred dignity that instantly inspires respect. And I found the children and teenagers of Hisani and, with them, the comforting awareness that children and boys are the same everywhere, thankfully. Even so unfortunate, the little ones are able to laugh and play, while the older ones look for a way to express themselves. All form a unique body that is extraordinarily supportive (Roberto)

The "Hisani Orphanage", near Lake Victoria, in the Mwanza region of Tanzania, provides opportunities for solidarity holidays to anyone who wants to give practical help to the children who are housed within the structure, even if only for a few days. In the orphanage, founded and currently run by Frednand Fredrick, more than a hundred children and young people are assisted and educated, with the possibility of enrolling in high school and even at the University, thanks to the donations of the non-profit Filippo Astori Association.

All the solidarity travelers who visit the orphanage are welcomed with open arms! For those who wish to stay a few more days there are many activities that can be carried out: from assistance to children in games and in the homework, to the execution of small maintenance jobs and embellishment of the orphanage.

Next to the Hisani Orphanage is a detached, newly built cottage with 3 bedrooms with a bathroom, for a total of 6 beds, a living room, a kitchen. The food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included in the rate: 30 euros per person per day for a stay of 10 days, for 15 days 400 euros, for 20 days 500 euros, for a month 700 euros (costs valid for the whole 2020).

For extended stays, linked to voluntary activities inside the orphanage or to the implementation of specific projects, a reduction in the cost of stay is foreseen against evaluation by the association.

Transfers to and from Mwanza Airport are also guaranteed, at a cost to be defined based on the number of participants.

The property is located at a short distance from one of the most beautiful parks in Tanzania: the Serengeti and it is possible to organize the visit at a cost to be defined according to the days of stay. At 150 km there is also the national park island of Lake Victoria (Rubondo), where different species of birds (parrots, African ashes, paradise flycatchers, storks, etc) and plants (sycamores, tamarinds, palms) create a "unique environment in the world".

The visit to Mwanza is also interesting and easy to organize, with its popular markets (Fish market, Masai), the Bujora village with the Wasukuma museum, the main tribe of the region.

A solidarity holiday thus becomes a journey in the true sense of the term: a path of growth and knowledge, against the most common tourist excursions, which leave little in the soul, once back home. Living Africa from its deepest heart is possible and simple, thanks to this project. You will find yourself in front of a country where it is possible to grow and improve and where to help means even painting a white wall together with the people who are sharing the same hope.

Travel period: All year. Tanzania enjoys a tropical climate. The hot season runs from November to February, while in the remaining months temperatures drop, but generally not below 15 degrees. In autumn, however, the rains are concentrated.
Languages spoken: Swahili and English
Documents needed: Passport and visa.
Vaccines: We recommend that you consult the Vaccination clinic of your residence. In Tanzania, as in other African countries, malaria for which there is no vaccine can be contracted. It is therefore recommended to use mosquito nets, repellents and long dresses to be stung as little as possible by mosquitoes. It is possible to make a prophylaxis for malaria.

For all information on the availability of the structure and on any additional services required (transfer from / to airport, safari) please send an e-mail to or call 340-0564592.