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Africa is the continent which more attracts people for its unspoiled beauty. I met the “true and real Africa", (not that of the tourist resort managed by Europeans, perhaps with Italian chef, so you do not have too much homesick), but that one of the small villages, the endless sand roads, the colorful markets of fruits and vegetables, children still playing with a ball made of cloth or paper, people happy! I have discovered this Africa only eight years ago. In 2006 I wanted to start a journey to Tanzania and to visit the orphanage “Hisani” in Mwanza region in order to allow Filippo to continue living, travelling and accompanying me, Surely many of you want to take a trip to Africa.


Filippo Astori ONG offers you the opportunity to get in touch with the many wonderful things and landscape which Tanzania can offer and at the same time to donate solidarity to the children of the orphanage Hisani in Mwanza region, directed by Frednand Fredrick, founder and current Director of the Institute. The orphanage is the home for about 80/100 children who are cared for and educated, with the opportunity to enroll in high school and even college, with the help coming from our ONG Filippo Astori.


Three houses are available to accommodate guests-volunteers, with three bedroom each (six beds in total for each house), two bathroom with hot water and shower, one living/dining room and one kitchen and a wonderful garden full of plants and fruits. (video) .
The food is included for all the period of stay. The prize is 300 euro for 10 days and 500 euro for one month (keep in mind that some part of this amount is for the orphanage).


Plenty of activity are available for the volunteers: take care and look after the children while they are playing, help and supervising them during the school homework, handicrafts works to make the orphanage or the garden cozier and nicer.


The Orphanage Hisani is located few kilometers far from the second largest parks of Tanzania: Serengeti. Not surprisingly, the translation of its name is "endless plain". 150 km away there is also the National Park of Lake Victoria (Rubondo), an island of the Victoria lake where different species of birds (parrots, African grays, paradise flycatcher, storks, etc) and plants (sycamores, tamarinds, palms) create a unique environment. The orphanage provides (for a fee to be agreed locally) a car with which the volunteer can reach the two parks in groups; you can rest and sleep inside the park as well.


In this way a volunteer/solidarity holiday becomes a journey in the true sense of the term: a pathway of internal growth and knowledge, against all the most common touristic attractions.
Experience Africa from his deepest heart is possible and easy, thanks to this project. You will find yourself in front of a country in which is possible to grow and to improve ourselves and where “help” can also just means paint a white wall together with the people you are sharing this journey of hope.
The real Africa and all the children of Hisani orphanage are waiting for you, do not miss this chance, are you still there? You can believe me if I tell you that no-one who met these kids forgot them!!!!!!!