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The new dorm: "Casa Francesco Rossi Jost"

considerations and economic report

Thanks to the donations from friends and to the project of "Luigi Castelli Gattinara", the new dormitory is now a cozy and colorful structure, with private spaces for study and recreation. Younger children already sleep in the rooms on the lower level, while the older ones have taken the beds in the loft. The pavilion is dedicated to Francesco Rossi Jost, who spent his life doing humanitarian work in Africa, realizing agricultural projects with various NGOs. A subsequent fundraising from Rome has made possible the renovation of the courtyard, with playground spaces, plants and covered area where to play in case of rain. A curve canopy now covers part of the courtyard from the sun and rain, and the platforms where sleep or play were painted with many colors and animal figures.

The financial commitment has been significant and we can sum it up:

foundations, rustic, water system, electrical system 19.000,00  
plumbing, electrical, internal and external plastering , tiling and interior porch   15.000,00
loft complete with trim and color   11.800,00
Showers bathrooms, septic 8.000,00
Tax dorm, taxes bathrooms and showers 12.500,00
courtyard and backyard walkway wood and sheet iron 18.000,00
wall, overbuilding rear space dorm 10.490,00
guest bathroom 1.500,00
computer room 1.500,00
kitchen 2.000,00
beds 6.800,00
mattresses 2.000,00
septic tanks, drainage reconstruction, iron structure for tanks   3.000,00
painting interior and exterior dorm 2.500,00
house director (flooring, bathroom, interior painting, furniture) 6.000,00

The result is a wonderful place where hundreds of boys and girls can play, eat, study and sleep in peace. Thanks to all who contributed and who, we hope, will continue supporting the Orphanage "Hisani". As the property, where 100 children live, regular maintenance it is necessary!!!