the mission and
the guiding principles

the mission
The FILIPPO ASTORI Association is a non-profit voluntary association, born in 2005 to achieve what Filippo strongly believed in and which has become our mission:
"To provide children with no financial means the opportunity to study and create a future".
Since 2006, the Association has been involved in international cooperation, supporting the Hisani orphanage in Tanzania, in Mwanza near Lake Victoria.
So far the activities carried out have allowed an expansion of the orphanage which now houses about 130 children, the construction of 2 dormitories, a classroom, a library, the refectory and the renovation of the toilets, the construction of a deep well with a solar powered pump and the installation of a photovoltaic system.
The Association's action is divided into three lines of intervention, with as many ongoing projects:
- Long distance adoption
- Health insurance policies
- Scholarships for secondary school which in Tanzania is totally to be paid All three are extremely important in ensuring a dignified life for these orphans, but it is particularly on the third that we concentrate our efforts, because ... … We believe that giving tools to learn and improve to those who have had little or nothing from life is the best way to raise free, peaceful and supportive individuals towards others, and we are deeply convinced that the future is in the hearts and minds of the younger generations.

the guiding principles

"What we do for us dies with us. What we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal." (Albert Pine)
The Association was born to remember Filippo, his generous soul, his vision and, above all, his great integrity.
Consequently, the key factors for pursuing the mission cannot but reflect his personal characteristics.
Everything we do must therefore research and promote:
- trust, to develop and maintain constructive relationships with members and supporters;
- transparency, as a constant in the ethical conduct of our work;
- team spirit, to develop effective and efficient action.